Natural Governance A New And Better America

But America is in

Serious Trouble.

Poorly conceived government programs are destroying Americans’ initiative and moral principles.
Restoring America’s greatness is not that complex.

Natural Governance Offers Solutions

The United States of America is a great country, but it could be so much more.

For 80 years, we have enjoyed prosperity interrupted only by occasional mild recessions. Much of this prosperity is attributable to federal government actions to increase employment opportunities, to generate business activity, to reduce poverty, to increase financial security, to enhance the middle class, to provide housing, and to make basic medical care available. Such federal economic support is indispensable.

Regrettably, many federal programs degrade human values and waste precious time and money. Programs that achieve one goal are often detrimental to others. Means-tested welfare, housing, and medical programs discourage recipients from working and improving themselves, and thereby trap them in a cycle of never ending near-poverty. Aliens, many of whom are illegal, do the work citizens should be doing. The poor don’t starve, and they have marginally sufficient housing, but they cannot marry or get jobs without losing their benefits. Other programs that have the benefit of creating jobs and increasing economic activity waste government money and force the citizenry to spend time and money unnecessarily. The income tax is a burden on society when the revenue could be collected inexpensively and fairly through consumption taxes. Bridges to nowhere and unnecessary wars do create jobs, but to little or no benefit.

Natural Governance offers a unified approach to achieving these economic objectives without the unintended adverse side effects. It integrates job creation, economic prosperity, basic medical care, minimum housing, and even alien visitation, in a way that would unleash human initiative.

Its components are a Unified Basic Income (UBI) payment gradually increasing to the poverty level, replacing income taxes with consumption taxes, providing subsidized housing at low rents that are a function of unit size and location (not income or family size), direct federal payment of a substantial portion of major-medical costs, a National Registry, and a simplified but controlled procedure for alien visitation. There should be no means-testing, and any benefits the federal government provides to any citizens should be offered and available to all citizens.

By returning basic decision-making to individuals and lessening government involvement in life’s personal decisions, the citizenry will be empowered and the United States can reach unimagined levels of greatness.